Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Manish Khurpade’s Obituary

“Nothing Else Matters”

They say one must write one’s obituary and keep it updating until the time they can. 
Very Well.
I read it few years ago, but now I feel compelled to write one. There’s a reason for it. It will come out in due course of writing.

I go back to my introduction section on blogger & social media.. “The Happiest”
Yes, I have lived a lifethat I can call myself the happiest person on Earth. I can only Thank this life and people in my life, to be considerate towards me and my ways of dealing with life and with them. 

Who was I untill now? The best description cto label myself would be as an urban nomad, wanderer, free thinker, rebellion, anti social and insensitive to some extent. 

Things started changing when a Queen came into my life. When I saw the world with her eyes, when her world opened in front of me, I learned few things. Ruthlessness meets vulnerability. I understood life in a better way. We all are vulnerable. And its not weakness.. its our greatest strength. 

Things again changed, when two tiny eyes looked straight into my eyes. It’s the moment, the best moment of Life. The goosebumps one gets on spiritual, physical, metaphysical, cosmic planes, consciously and subconsciously are beyond words. It’s the beginning of knowing something which was hidden from you by universe. You no longer look at the world in same way as you used to see earlier. 


Becoming Father

13 October 2018 

Became father. 

Got blessed with a baby boy. 

It’s feeling that cant be described in words. Yet I will ty to articulate it, because when the father is spiritually connected but also an atheist at same time it become a rush of emotions gushing from all sides of universe existing within and outside. 

Its a moment of transformation as a human.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Retrospecting Sep 2016 to Dec 2018

I was on blogspot (blogger) since last 10 years. I have almost never missed writing on my blog in past so many years, but during this period there's no entry on this blog?


Well, during this time I was employed with an MNC in Bangalore, where expectation was 3X.

Sincere Advice: GUYS stop chasing wrong idols. In this XYZ MNC some guys might have run up to the Senior roles in a very time, but you don't have to follow that same path.

In my personal experience I have felt that their maturity level was way below the expectation at that level.

Be true to yourself, focus on your & your team's health and wellbeing before going in task force mode every fucking single day.

Stop. Think.

Stop quizzing every single minute of day, stop right there. and for fuck's sake..THINK LONG TERM.

Sustainability over short term gain.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bosch - Invented for Life.

Unwinding the stack : Part II

PiDay 3.14
Albert Einstein Birthday
Stephen Hawking passed away today.
I joined Robert Bosch.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year 2016

I have moved a mountain by coming to Bangalore from Pune, need to get rid of household stuff, it's so much.

Well, meanwhile counted all the money spent on collecting original movie music CD's and DVD's and it comes to staggering Rs 44,000. 44 K !!! No more wasting money on such pursuits.

India is inching towards dictatorship although mild but slowly its catching up.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Celebrating first marriage anniversary.

An year of Bliss !!!

There's a lot to learn while growing together, loving each other. 
Being best friends!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surgical strikes.... I hate that word... surgical.

Surgical strike on Border #IndiaStrikesPakistan
Surgical strike on Black money #Demonetization
Surgical strike needed on tonsillar lymph node.

Bangalore thou hast changed a lot. Caught airborne viral/bacterial infection that is now leading to surgical treatment.

Need for hospitalization and operation, first time it will be for such a thing in life.


Sunday, October 30, 2016